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our activities are at the north and south coast of Crete

The range of vision underwater is up to 40 meters - Diving depths are between 10 and 35 meters - The water-temperature ranges from 17 to 28 degrees Centigrade, depending on the season.

Underwater World

The wild and rugged landscape of Crete very often continues deep into underwater landscape. Especially off the south coast of Crete you can find sheer cliffs and ravines and exciting underwater landscapes.
Besides sponges, spiny lobsters, crayfish, large octopus and cuttlefish, you can also see barracudas, perches, and moray eels. Underwater photographers will find plenty to test their talents.

North Coast Bali

Just a 20 minute drive by car along the north coast to the picturesque village of Bali which is the ideal diving spot with protection from the wind and waves. Perfect for beginners. The maximum diving depth is 20 meters.
Broken amphora, ancient anchors, and the whole variety of Mediterranean underwater life await the diver's visit. The dives are interrupted by a 90 minutes break at a small tavern.

North Coast Panormo

Our house reef lies immediately in front of the Panormo basis:
• Easy dives - ideal for beginners
• Night dives
• Suited for snorkeling
• Small overgrown caves, surrounded by many colorful shoals of fish
• Perfect for kids (children diving)

The well-known anchors cemetery from the Venetian epoch is nearby. Giorgos prepares special adventure dives in this area.
Our highlight is the seals' cave which is accessable by boat only. When descending to a depth of 9 meters we encounter the entrance and get into a large anteroom. The cave has a total length of approx. 35 meters and includes an air chamber.
This dive grants a special adventure to experienced divers.
By boat, from Panormo roughly a dozen of different diving sites reveal themselves which are populated by moray eels, brown rays, hermit crabs, octopus, and many more interesting species.
Night time gives opportunity for peculiar meetings.

South Coast Shinaria - Day trip/ 2 dives

Just 45 minutes distance by car to the secluded bay of shinaria which is cua by several underwater canyons
On the left hand side there is a steep slope overgrown with colorful varied flora. To the right hand opens a chimney which one easy can dive through.
*By the slope the diving depth ranges down to 35m. Moray eels, groupers, octopus, spiny lobsters, lion fish and nudibranch appear.

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